Guidelines For Avoiding A Criminal Orlando Plumber Running A Scam

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There’s always a certain degree of risk when you hire a contractor for a job. This is true of any sort of project in any part of the world. In Orlando, Florida, there are quite a few plumbers who are little more than criminals attempting to scam homeowners. Unfortunately, contractors like these make a bad name for everyone else.

For every criminal plumber in Orlando, there’s an honest alternative who is willing to do the job for a fair price. The key is trying to find that plumber while also avoiding all of the common scams. This becomes more difficult as the scams become more elaborate and harder to detect.

So how do you go about avoiding a criminal Orlando plumber when the time comes? The first step is understanding the scams commonly utilized in the area and how to avoid them. Second, you follow some simple guidelines to ensure you are working with an honest and reputable contractor. Here are three scams to keep in mind as well as how to avoid them.

Scam 1: Charging For High-Quality And Using Low Quality.

Your home is important to you. As such, you may feel inclined to invest in materials of the highest possible quality. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, it’s recommended. Using high-quality piping or tubing means you’ll pay for fewer repairs in the future. However, it also means you’ll be paying more upfront to the plumber who is installing in the piping.

An honest and reputable plumber will charge a fair amount according to the value of the materials in conjunction with the cost of the labor. A criminal plumber, on the other hand, will charge for the value of high-quality materials, but will actually purchase the usual low-quality materials from the hardware store. They get to put the difference in their pocket, your home winds up using low-quality materials, and you’ll likely end up paying them for repairs in the future sooner than you should.

There are two steps for avoiding a criminal Orlando plumber running this scam. First, ask for an invoice of the parts used by the plumber. If you’re paying for high-quality materials, then the invoice should list those high-quality materials. Take the list to your local hardware store and ask to compare the price on the invoice to the price in the store.

The second step is to examine that actual piping before it is installed. If you don’t know what the particular type of piping you paid for looks like, then you may need to look online. Make sure they are using the high-quality piping that is on the invoice and that they are charging you a fair price according to local values.

Scam 2: Avoiding The Estimate.

One final scam involves a plumber who doesn’t seem to want to provide a written estimate. They may walk through the home and keep a price in the back of their head for the entire time. Later, they will call you and offer a rough estimate over the phone. The number sounds great so you’re eager to get to work. They promise that a written estimate will come sooner or later and you believe them.

Before you know it, the job is finished and you never received a written estimate. However, you do receive a bill at the end that is nearly three times as much as the estimate that you received on the phone. You can attempt to protest the payments, but it likely won’t go well for you.

The key to avoiding this common scam is to always receive a written and signed estimate before letting the work begin. Don’t let a low price persuade you to start work sooner. As a matter of fact, that’s when you need the estimate the most.

Scam 3: High Prices Because Of Your Neighborhood.

Another common scam in Orlando is for contractors to charge exceptionally high hourly rates to customers who live in affluent neighborhoods. There’s no law saying that they must always charge a flat hourly rate. Therefore, if they see that you have a nice house, a nice car, and nice furniture, then they will assume you have a lot of money and are willing to pay more for your plumbing. It’s not unheard of for criminal plumbers to charge 100 percent more to customers when they believe they are wealthy.

Luckily, this scam is fairly simple to avoid. The key is to receive quotes from at least three plumbers before signing any contracts. At least one of the three plumbers should offer an honest and fair price. If you notice that one of them is charging twice as much as the others, then it’s very likely that they are running this scam.

As a general rule of thumb, receiving at least three quotes is an important step for avoiding a criminal Orlando plumber. Even if they aren’t running this particular scam. The extra quotes help you compare prices and find any numbers that are unusually high or seem too good to be true.

Finding That Honest Plumber.

Use all of the tools at your disposal to find an honest and reputable Orlando plumber in your area. The internet has made it easy to review and recommend contractors online. You’re highly advised to check as many online review sites as possible. And always remember to receive quotes from multiple contractors before signing a contract.

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