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Criminal Justice Career Guide

Criminal Justice Careers What is Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice is the system that upholds the laws that are the framework of our society, protects the nation's citizens, prosecutes lawbreakers, and punishes those who are found guilty of a crime. The field of criminal justice is divided into three main areas: law enforcement that apprehends and detains suspected criminals, the legal system that tries and sentences the accused, and the correctional system that incarcerates, supervises and reforms those who are convicted.

Criminal Justice Careers

Career prospects in the criminal justice field include opportunities at the local, state, and federal levels, as well as in the private sector. After completing a certificate or degree program in criminal justice, you can join a city or state police department, apply to the FBI or other federal law enforcement agency, work in a legal office, find employment with a county, state or federal court, work at a state correctional facility, or with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There are many rewarding career paths in each of the three areas of the criminal justice system. In law enforcement, the choices include private investigator, crime scene investigator, coroner, state highway patrol officer, DEA agent, immigration officer, and transportation security officer. In the legal system, the possibilities include paralegal, legal researcher, court clerk, social worker, bailiff, prosecuting attorney, and judge. If working in corrections is your aim, some of the possible career paths are correctional officer, parole officer, counselor, and victim witness assistant.

Criminal Justice Educational Requirements

The level of education you need, and the specific courses involved, depends on the criminal justice career you choose. There are one-year certificate programs, two-year associate degree programs, and four-year bachelor degree programs in this field of study. Those who wish to advance their careers may decide to pursue a master or doctoral degree. Numerous community colleges and universities across the country offer both brick and mortar and online programs at every level. By enrolling in a criminal justice program, you're taking the first step toward a successful career in an exciting field with unlimited opportunities.

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